BTG wins DOE SBIR Phase II award

Second Generation Superconducting Cable with Exfoliated YBCO Filaments—Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc., Stony Brook, NY, 1000 Innovation Rd., Stony Brook, NY 11794-6044


High temperature superconducting wire (HTS) technology has a significant potential to become the wire of choice for helium-free, ultra-high field magnet systems. High-field, helium-free magnet systems are attracting more interest as the world supply of helium is depleted and new science facilities are demanding magnetic field levels much higher than accessible by niobium-based superconductors. Currently, HTS wire is manufactured as a thin, 1 micron-meter, superconducting layer deposited on a 1 cm wide 100 micron-meter thick metal substrate. Due to this geometry, a magnet wound from the wire suffers from high losses.    Additionally, the mechanically weak interface between the superconductor layer and the ceramic buffer is known to be the most common source of HTS magnet failure. Brookhaven Technology Group (BTG) will develop and demonstrate the feasibility of a new type of cable bundled from exfoliated HTS filaments.

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