Partners and customers


We appreciate continuing support of U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, in development of superconducting cables through Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants.


Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University provides laboratory space and equipment for our research projects.

AMSC logo 2011

American Superconductor Corporation is our strategic partner in superconducting cable development.


We work with the Clean Energy Incubator Business Program at Stony Brook University on commercialization of our technologies through the Long Island investor network.


Stony Brook University is our long time educational partner. We employ two mechanical engineering interns, who take an active role in our projects.


Brookhaven National Laboratory  is one of our key partners in nuclear science and accelerator development projects.

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We are working with National High Magnetic Field Laboratory on evaluation of high-field performance of superconducting cables and magneto-optic studies of slicing processes.


We collaborate with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base  on measurements of AC losses in superconducting cables in high magnetic field.

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We are working with Larta Institute on development of the commercialization strategy for technologies developed during Phase I and Phase II SBIR projects.


We are working with U.S. Army on development of advanced energy storage and energy generation.


We are collaboration with FermiLab on development of HTS coils for quadrupole magnets.


We are working with Massachusetts Institute of Technology on application of ExoCable technology in compact fusion reactors.