We are a science and engineering innovator in the physical sciences field. We leverage government grants with private investment to develop, patent and mature our technologies into products that our licensed partners and we can manufacture and sell directly to customers.

Our current research focus is in the field of High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS), with particular emphasis on single-layer coated conductor HTS wire and multilayer cables using proprietary ExoCable™ technology.

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High-temperature superconducting cables


We develop superconducting cables that combine high quench stability with low magnetization loss and high mechanical strength. The cables are designed for applications where fast ramping and good field quality are required.

Cryogenic current drive for conduction cooled magnets

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We design and manufacture cryogenic current management systems for conduction cooled magnets. The current drive features a cryogenic rectifier which allows cooling a magnet with a single cryo-head.

YBCO on Kapton: signal lines for quantum computers and detectors


We developed  a process for transfer of epitaxial YBCO layers on dielectric substrates such as Kapton, G10 and Ultralam. The major application is ultra-low loss signal lines connecting sub-mK quantum systems and 50 K Silicon electronic interface.


BTG is invited to present at ASEMD 2015, Shangnai, China

By BTG | October 22, 2015

BTG is invited to present at ASEMD 2015, Shanghai, China. The talk will cover the…

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BTG wins DOE Phase I SBIR Award

By BTG | July 13, 2015

Second Generation Superconducting Cable with Exfoliated YBCO Filaments High Temperature Superconducting YBCO wire technology has…

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