National Academies study recommends a pilot fusion energy program

A new report on the development of fusion as an energy source, written at the request of the U.S. Secretary of Energy, proposes adoption of a national fusion strategy . Specifically the report includes the following finding: Finding: While additional research and development is needed to establish the technical basis for large high-field HTS magnets, the…

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Universal lower limit on vortex creep in superconductors

Eley at al. propose the existence of a universal minimum realizable S ~ Gi1/2(T/Tc) (Tc is the superconducting transition temperature, and  Gi = (γ2/2)[(μ0kBTc)/(4πBc2(0)ξab3(0))]2 ∝ γ2Tc2λ4/ξ2, The Ginzburg number, parameterizes the scale of thermal fluctuations in a superconductor) that has been achieved in our films and few other materials, and is violated by none. Eley,…

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Ic performance of 2G conductors from various manufacturers

Kiyosumi Tsuchiya et al. from Tsukukuba compared performance of 2G conductors from Fujikura Ltd.; SuNAM Co. Ltd.; SuperOx Japan LLC; and SuperPower Inc.. Tsuchiya, K., A. Kikuchi, A. Terashima, K. Suzuki, K. Norimoto, M. Tawada, M. Masuzawa, N. Ohuchi, X. Wang, Y. Iijima, T. Takao, S. Fujita, M. Daibo, and Y. Iijima, Critical Current Characterization of…

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