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National Academies study recommends a pilot fusion energy program

A new report on the development of fusion as an energy source, written at the request of the U.S. Secretary of Energy, proposes adoption of a national fusion strategy . Specifically the report includes the following finding: Finding: While additional research and development is needed to establish the technical basis for large high-field HTS magnets, the…

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Universal lower limit on vortex creep in superconductors

Eley at al. propose the existence of a universal minimum realizable S ~ Gi1/2(T/Tc) (Tc is the superconducting transition temperature, and  Gi = (γ2/2)[(μ0kBTc)/(4πBc2(0)ξab3(0))]2 ∝ γ2Tc2λ4/ξ2, The Ginzburg number, parameterizes the scale of thermal fluctuations in a superconductor) that has been achieved in our films and few other materials, and is violated by none. Eley,…

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